Saturday, November 5, 2011

Buxp christmas gift

Hi guys,this is your upline from BUXP speaking and well i am just informing you guys that i am saving up my earning from today onwards to reward all active users that are active during 22/12/2011 to 25/12/2011 and the rate of reward are below and it will be deposit into your buxp balance.

Top 1=40%
Top 2=35%
Top 3=30%
Rest of active users 20%

I will be counting by numbers of views x $0.001

So 5000 clicks=5000x $0.001=$2 for Top 1 as he get 40%
(PREMIUM MEMBER get 2x rate ETC TOP 1= 2 x 40% )
Result will be on
on 25/12/11

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